Neustar licenses NeoMedia mobile barcodes for US [Mobile Entertainment]

Partners hope to 'unlock the potential for one click 2D barcode marketing and commerce'
Neustar is to act as the exclusive patent licensing agent in the US for NeoMedia’s intellectual property for two-dimensional (2D) barcodes.

The agreement creates a “one stop shop” for consumer brands to simply and affordably use barcodes to deliver new applications, services and content to mobile users.

The addition of Neustar’s central registry services to NeoMedia’s barcode technology also means that brands will be able to offer barcode marketing to consumers regardless of which mobile service provider or barcode reading software they have in a device.

Iain McCready, CEO of NeoMedia, said: “Customers and the advertising community can now easily secure a clear and predictable path to licensing and implementing NeoMedia’s patented barcode technology.

"Advertisers have been waiting for a reliable and scalable barcode system, and with this agreement, mobile barcode technology can now fulfill its promise of turning mobile devices into ‘point-of-sale’ catalysts for mobile commerce.”