NeoMedia’s NeoReader Mobile Code Application Ships Pre-Loaded On First Sony Ericsson Handset

NeoMedia’s NeoReader Mobile Code Application Ships Pre-Loaded On First Sony Ericsson Handset

NeoReader is in the top 5 most downloaded free applications after only first 2 weeks of availability on Fun & Downloads and PlayNow content portals

Atlanta, March 24, 2010 – NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. (“NeoMedia”) (OTC BB: NEOM) today announced the successful launch of its NeoReader™ pre-load program with Sony Ericsson. Last year, Sony Ericsson selected NeoMedia™ as its strategic 2D barcode partner and as part of that program; NeoReader is now being pre-installed across all Sony Ericsson handset platforms worldwide, beginning with the new Elm eco friendly handset, which is now available in multiple markets.

“We are thrilled with the successful start of the pre-load program,” said Iain McCready, CEO of NeoMedia. “We look forward to continuing the momentum, as more and more Sony Ericsson customers also downloaded NeoReader to their existing handsets.” McCready continued, “Our partnership with Sony Ericsson helps make mobile barcode scanning simple and intuitive for consumers, just like existing text messaging and browser applications. In the rapidly evolving mobile code ecosystem, the role of handset manufacturers is key, and NeoMedia continues to work with them and the mobile carriers, advertising agencies and other infrastructure providers who are contributing to the growth of mobile codes as the next universal user interface for mobile content.

” The NeoReader application allows mobile camera phones to easily access mobile content by simply reading open standard 2D barcodes, such as QR and DataMatrix, as well as the UPC and EAN barcodes currently found on most products worldwide. This eliminates the need for separate 1D and 2D reader applications and allows mobile users one click access to mobile content without having to type long URLs and navigating cumbersome mobile menus.

About NeoMedia:

NeoMedia is the global leader in mobile barcode scanning, management and publishing solutions. Our technology platform allows mobile devices with cameras to read 2D barcodes and provide “one click” access to mobile content. Combining this technology with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities revolutionizes the way advertisers market to mobile consumers.

NeoMedia provides the platform infrastructure to make 2D camera barcode scanning and its associated commerce easy, universal, and reliable – worldwide. The platform consists of NeoReader (our universal mobile barcode reading software) and NeoSphere™ (our barcode management system).

NeoMedia Media Relations Contact: Zeina Badran (202) 642-1360