NeoMedia and ICE to Deliver Track and Trace Measurable Mobile Marketing Platform

NeoMedia and ICE to Deliver Track and Trace Measurable Mobile Marketing Platform

Atlanta, October 28, 2008- NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB: NEOM), the global leader in camera-initiated transactions for mobile devices, is to create a new measurable mobile marketing platform for ICE, the leading mobile network operator in Costa Rica.

The NeoMedia platform will enable retailers, banks and other organizations to build a mobile marketing ecosystem that will drive innovative mobile-based marketing applications that, for the first time, can track, trace and measure consumer activity.

ICE, the only telecom operator at this time in the Costa Rican market, will deploy NeoMedia’s NeoReader® on camera phones, transforming the phones into barcode readers that provide immediate access to Internet-based content and services.

Consumers use the phones to scan 2D barcodes on product packaging, advertisements, retail displays and publications. The codes open up a vast range of potential for product marketing, incentive-driven promotions, and value-added benefits to be offered to the consumer.

Each scan that triggers a visit to a promotional site can be traced and tracked, enabling 100 per cent measurable activity and feedback on the performance of the promotion, and therefore 100 per cent measurable ROI on the mobile marketing spend.

NeoMedia representative Agilos will provide in-country support for ICE, and will work with both NeoMedia and ICE to sign up agencies, companies and customers to the mobile marketing ecosystem.

“Using the mobile as an effective and efficient marketing tool is the goal of every mobile operator,” said Orlando Cascante Moranga, MBA Director Customers Division – Telecomunicaciones, ICE. “The NeoMedia platform will catalyze individual, interactive dialogue between our customers and companies in Costa Rica, strengthening customer loyalty and adding massive value to the mobile device as a marketing tool.”

“The mobile industry can now deliver the solution that is at the top of every marketeer’s wish list – and provide a new revenue stream for the mobile operators,” said Iain McCready, Chief Executive Officer of NeoMedia. “This solution is the real deal – a traceable mechanism that delivers the message directly to potential customers, can evaluate feedback and capture demographic data for future use and doesn’t waste one cent of the investment made in the technology.”

About NeoMedia:
NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. (USA) is a world market leader in the field of optically initiated transactions, applying innovative solutions to combine the physical and mobile worlds with its patented, leading-edge mobile Direct-to-Web technology. In order to offer the customer a stable, high-performance infrastructure for processing optical codes, NeoMedia is expanding its offerings by adding the award-winning Gavitec technology. Gavitec AG mobile digit, a member company of NeoMedia Technologies (OTCBB: NEOM), is a leading provider of technical equipment for code reading systems and software for mobile communications applications. Gavitec AG is based in Germany and offers standardized and individual solutions for mobile marketing, mobile couponing, mobile ticketing and mobile payment systems. For further information, please visit:, and

About ICE:
ICE “Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad” is the government owned and operated telecommunications entity in Costa Rica.

The beginning of telecommunications in Costa Rica dates back to the end of the 19th century, with initial telex and telephone services, due mainly to the growth in the coffee commerce, for export and internal business. The period 1886 to 1925, was considered the pioneer period, business entrepreneurs and companies started initial telephone service and expanded throughout the country. The second period initiated in 1925 when Electric Bond and Share, a multinational company monopolized the telecommunication service in Costa Rica through its subsidiary American Foreign Power CP. In the middle of the 20th Century, Costa Rica experienced a service deterioration, which required not only changing old manual switches for new automated ones, but also extending new infrastructure-land lines, which implied a huge investment. Under the circumstances, American Foreign Power CP proposed to that the state-government to take over the telecommunication services for the country. This change took place in 1963 therefore initiating the third period, the State owned Telecommunication Services.

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