NeoMedia Europe AG Launches Mobile Engagement Campaign with Hornbach Austria

NeoMedia Europe AG Launches Mobile Engagement Campaign with Hornbach Austria

Vienna/London, July 28, 2009 – Today NeoMedia Europe AG, the European leader in mobile barcode and scanning technology, has announced a pilot project with Hornbach, one of Europe’s largest DIY groups. This is the first deal since the integration of NeoMedia Technologies and Gavitec AG – mobile digit.

In a campaign devised and implemented by agency Dr. Kossdorff and technically supported by Prinovis Ltd. Hamburg, Hornbach chose NeoMedia Europe AG’s mobile scanning technology for their first mobile marketing venture. It will consist of a monthly SMS with a special give-away for its customers and aims to develop consumer engagement.

All campaigns are promoted via a range of communication channels, with the aim of fast and accurate client targeting, including launching campaigns with short lead times and detailed reporting features to prove the marketing efficiency in a closed loop approach.

SMS is used as a flexible call to action for the client and is intended to enhance customer frequency and satisfaction by offering special services, personal communication and support at the point of sale. For example, the promotion of an invitation to attend a breakfast event with the head of the professional-team was recently launched.

Three campaigns have been launched to date, one per month, and during this short introduction period 14% of the target group have joined the program. The response rate on campaigns is exceeding expectations and will be promoted once enough data has been collected to establish predictable results.

Austria leads the way in the European market for the integration of mobile technologies. NeoMedia already has an impressive portfolio of projects there including campaigns with Nokia, Mazda, Volkswagen and tele ring.

“Steadily, businesses are realizing the far reaching benefits of making mobile a core component to their marketing and customer engagement strategy,” commented Dr. Christian Steinborn, formerly CEO of Gavitec and now CEO of NeoMedia Europe AG.

“Our objective was to address our customer base in a targeted and innovative way. Working with NeoMedia made it all possible and provided us with measurable feedback, as well as offering a green alternative to traditional paper campaigns, enabling us to enhance and target our communication based on client opt-in,” says Josef Zimmer, Director of Marketing of Hornbach in Austria.

About NeoMedia Technologies: NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: NEOM) is the global leader in mobile barcode scanning solutions. Our technology allows mobile devices with cameras to read 1D and 2D barcodes and provide “one click” access to mobile content. Combining this technology with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities revolutionizes the way advertisers market to mobile consumers. NeoMedia provides the infrastructure to make 2D camera barcode scanning and its associated commerce easy, universal, and reliable – worldwide. The company’s mobile phone technology, NeoReader, reads and transmits data from 1D and 2D barcodes to its intended destination. Our Code Management and Code Clearinghouse platforms create, connect, record, and transmit the transactions embedded in the 1D and 2D barcodes, like web-URLs, text messages (SMS), and telephone calls, ubiquitously and reliably. NeoMedia provides the industrial and carrier-grade infrastructure to enable reliable, scalable, and billable commerce.

About Hornbach: The HORNBACH Group is one of Europe's largest operators of DIY megastores with garden centers. In addition to the largest operating subgroup, HORNBACH-Baumarkt-AG (DIY megastores with garden centers), the overall HORNBACH HOLDING AG Group also comprises the subgroups HORNBACH Baustoff Union GmbH (regional builders' merchant and construction materials business) and HORNBACH Immobilien AG (real estate and location development). The HORNBACH DIY megastores with garden centers have an average size of more than 11,000 square meters, a figure unmatched by any other competitor in Europe.

Founded in 1877, the family-run company, which has its roots in the Palatinate region, was first publicly listed in 1987. HORNBACH currently operates 130 DIY megastores with garden centers in nine countries – apart from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Slovakia, Luxembourg Hornbach opened 2007 in Rumania.

HORNBACH's sales concept and product range are entirely tailored to the needs of project and professional customers. HORNBACH guarantees its customers permanently low prices and is thus the price leader in the sector.

The high quality of advice and excellent service provided by the company have been attested in numerous independent tests and studies.Pioneering achievements, such as the first combined DIY store with a garden center (1968), the first megastore (1980) and the first DIY store with a drive-in facility (2003), provide proof of HORNBACH's ongoing innovative power. Since 2001, a strategic partnership has been in place with the British retail group Kingfisher. HORNBACH has acted as a "job machine" for decades, with more than 13,000 individuals now employed at the Group.

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