NeoMedia outlines what 2011 has in store for 2D mobile barcodes

NeoMedia outlines what 2011 has in store for 2D mobile barcodes

Atlanta, December 21, 2010 – It has been a year of substantial growth for mobile barcodes, as we have seen them cropping up everywhere from advent calendars to skyscrapers, to product packaging and shop windows. NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB: NEOM.OB), the global leader in mobile barcode scanning solutions, today unveiled its top industry predictions for mobile barcodes in 2011.


  • Smartphones for all - The market will see continued explosive growth of smartphone users, making mobile barcodes all the more accessible to consumers.
  • Pre-loaded mobile barcode readers - As mobile barcodes are increasingly employed across a number of sectors for everything from marketing or retail to ticketing, handset manufacturers worldwide will continue to launch mobile devices pre-loaded with mobile barcode readers, such as Samsung’s Omnia II devices and all Sony Ericsson handsets.
  • Consumer awareness of 2D mobile barcodes amplified - Consumer awareness will grow as a larger volume of campaigns incorporating mobile barcodes are deployed by leading brands such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Best Buy and Procter & Gamble.
  • 2D mobile barcodes in retail - Already a robust sector, retailers will continue to integrate mobile 2D barcodes, be it on-shelf or on packaging for applications ranging from marketing and loyalty to inventory control.
  • 2D mobile barcodes become integral to media campaigns - Mobile barcodes will become an essential part of traditional and digital media campaigns, much like the URL address today.
  • Open standards - Industry agreement on open standards and interoperability will continue to grow, leading to convergence towards standard mobile code symbology in the form of QR codes.
  • Managed Direct as the method of choice - Campaigns will migrate towards managed direct as brands and agencies begin to reap the rewards for consumer interaction and security. For further details on Managed Direct barcodes, please see our whitepaper 2D MOBILE BARCODES - A DEFINITIVE GUIDE

“2010 has been a very exciting year for NeoMedia and the entire mobile barcode industry. The market has seen huge growth through fresh creative implementation of campaigns, new partnerships and an overall boost in consumer awareness,” said Laura Marriott, CEO of NeoMedia. “2011 promises to be a transformational year for the mobile barcode space and we expect to be in the middle of it all.”


About NeoMedia:

NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. is the global market leader in 2D mobile barcode technology and infrastructure solutions that enable the mobile barcode ecosystem world-wide. Its technology platform transforms mobile devices with cameras into barcode scanners, enabling a range of practical and engaging applications including consumer oriented advertising, mobile ticketing and couponing, and business-to-business commercial track and trace solutions.   


NeoMedia’s suite of products, services and extensive IP portfolio means it is the only provider able to offer customers a comprehensive end-to-end mobile code solution. NeoMedia’s current customers include handset manufacturers, platform providers, brands and agencies looking to offer pioneering mobile barcode solutions to their customer base.


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