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Austrian Postal Service -mobile campaign to promote the new e-Postcard

Leveraging mobile 2D barcodes for the next generation e-Postcard
Austrian Postal Service

The Austrian Postal Service (APS) embarked on an innovative campaign, in cooperation with NeoMedia and IQ mobile to raise awareness of and promote the online service of customized postcards and to encourage consumers to download the relevant application to their phones.


-Promotion of the newly launched E-Postcard
-Offer consumers an innovative and personalised way to send postcards
-Generate new revenue streams
-Build customer loyalty and win over new customers


A multi-channel advertising campaign was put in motion, spanning broadcast, print media and online and coupled with an aggressive direct mail promotion. By embedding both a 2D barcode and SMS shortcode in all creative, consumers were able to directly access and download the application needed to create the e-postcards on their mobile device simply by either scanning the code with their mobile phone’s camera or by texting the SMS service number.

In order to ensure mass adoption, the application was designed to be supported by the most commonly used devices including iPhones, Nokia, Android and BlackBerry handsets. A mobile microsite was also created to ensure that event consumers who did not have a compatible handset were able to participate in the campaign.

The launch was widely promoted and featured the 2D barcode and SMS service number in full-page print ads placed in over 20 widely read Austrian newspapers and magazines, on banner ads across 10 different mobile portals and supported by a primetime TV advertisement. The campaign was further enhanced by a direct mail promotion which saw examples of the e-postcards being sent to 3.2 million households across Austria – all including the 2D barcode and SMS call to action.


NeoMedia and IQ mobile’s campaign enabled the Austrian Postal Service to realise the largest-ever Austrian mobile campaign, which achieved a substantial response rate of one in every thousand in less than three months. The mobile call to action, bringing a key element of interactivity to the other more static channels and enabling consumers to act at the point of impulse, paid dividends.

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Austrian Post, mailing, publishing, mobile marketing, qr code