Case Studies – Mobile tickets for cineasts

Providing mobile ticketing significantly increases customer convenience and yields cost savings in distribution and administration at the venue.
Image:, the leading provider of mobile tickets in the Netherlands, integrated the VS2300M at the point of entrance to permit quick and easy access to the cinema using a mobile phone as admission ticket.

  • Find a state-of-the-art and more convenient ticketing system
  • Offer an innovative and simplified way of getting access to cinemas
  • Reduce waiting times and long lines of cinema-goers
  • Increase ticket purchase
Approach: offered customers the chance to order movie tickets for the Royal cinema in Echt as well as for the Apollo and Delfia cinemas in Delft, and to pay for and receive the tickets on their mobile phone anytime and anywhere. To improve customer service by reducing queue times at the entrance, providing easy and quick access to the cinema, VS2300M scanners were integrated in the access control systems.

Once movie tickets were ordered from home via the Internet portal or via a text message wherever the customer happened to be, a two-dimensional code in the form of a picture message appeared on the customer’s mobile phone. The 2d-code (Data Matrix) contained all the information needed to permit easy access to the cinema. The only requirement is that the mobile phone supports MMS, Picture SMS or EMS.

At the cinema entrance, the customer presented the Data Matrix code to the integrated VS2300M, where it was scanned and the purchase data checked. Once validated, access was granted.


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