Case Studies

Manila Metro Rail Transit System

Implementing mobile ticketing on public transportation is a new way to enhance citizens’ mobility.

MRT3 wanted a state-of-the-art ticketing solution that would provide a
cost effective and more efficient means to expedite its passenger’s travel


¬ Provide travellers with instant MRT3 tickets
¬ Increase customer convenience
¬ Offer an innovative and simplified way of transport payment
¬ Reduce waiting times and long lines of passengers
¬ Provide fast and cashless mobile transaction
¬ Increase ticket purchase


Passengers in Manila can now take advantage of the convenience of mobile tickets for the Manila Metro Rail Transit System, known as the MRT3, Metrostar, or Metrostar Express. MRT3 is the main public transportation line in Manila with 200 million passengers each year.

Tickets are sent via text message directly to the passenger’s mobile phone in the form of a 2D barcode. Prior to travel, each code is read and validated by a NeoMedia scanner integrated in the access turnstiles. While this system offers quick transactions that reduce lines for passengers, it also requires no cash. Codes are automatically and securely validated against a database via GPRS. NeoMedia‘s code-reading technology turns the mobile phone into an ideal platform for the transfer and verification of electronic tickets.


NeoMedia‘s flexible and easy-to-use scanners offer many advantages such as new channels of distribution, a more targeted and directed sales approach and precise response evaluation. The capabilities of the scanner range allow for many other mobile marketing applications. For example: different data contents like tickets, coupons, or discount vouchers can be encrypted in the form of two-dimensional (2D) codes and sent to mobile phones via SMS. The code appears in the mobile phone display and is then read by scanners (EXIO or MD-20) at the POS (point-of-sale) or POI (point-of-integration).

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