Case Studies

NOKIA Mobile Campaign

Leveraging 2D barcodes and mobile scanning technology enables an innovative one-to-one interaction with Nokia’s customers.

Nokia was launching a new line of Navigation phones in Austria and wanted to create an innovative campaign that would garner attention and highlight the navigation features of this new product line.

  • Reinforce Nokia’s “pioneering spirit” by delivering an intriguing means for consumers to interact with the brand
  • Show appreciable return on investment

Leveraging NeoMedia’s mobile barcoding solutions, IQ mobile developed a
multi-channel advertising campaign that enabled mobile consumers to scan a 2D code imbedded in the advertising for a chance to win a Nokia 6210 Navigation phone.

This heavily promoted launch featured a 2D barcode in full-page print ads
placed in the high profile Austrian men’s lifestyle magazine “WIENER” as well as “Weekend,” another popular lifestyle magazine.

The campaign was further supported with banners, flyers and posters which were placed in bus stations and city lights across Austria. A digital component featured banner ads across 10 different mobile portals.


The results of the campaign far exceeded Nokia’s expectations. On the brand image objective, Nokia garnered attention for being the first brand in Austria to launch a campaign featuring 2D barcodes. The campaign response rates were similar to that of SMS campaigns, which was compelling when comparing a new technology with a more mature, highly available technology. Additionally, the marketing opportunity proved valuable due to the high rate of consumers who opted-in to receive more information. The additional costs required to include the 2D barcodes in the media campaign were minimal, but the interactive dialogue with consumers delivered real value. Based on these results, Nokia has begun incorporating 2D codes into more campaigns in Central Europe.

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