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PostFinance - Mobile paying by mobile phones

Mobile payment provides an incomparable shopping experience combining ease with flexibility.

PostFinance, the largest Swiss bank for private customers, uses Gavitec standalone solution – EXIO – to provide mobile payment and allow customers to conveniently pay at various retail POS and PostShops in Switzerland using only their mobile phones.

  • Create an an easy and secure alternative to paying with an EC-card
  • Customers should be able to pay easily and safely by mobile phone in various retail stores and restaurants in Switzerland.
  • Increase consumers' convenience and flexibility

In collaboration with system integrator Unisys and numerous partners from the retail sector like Mc Donald’s, COOP, Migros, Mobile Zone, Interdiscount and the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), PostFinance offers customers the opportunity to pay easily and safely by mobile phone in 23 locations of retail outlets, PostShops and fast food restaurants. Around 1,000 people from the companies involved are taking part in this project. Three cash desks per company are equipped with EXIO scanners to make mobile payment possible. The technology will be introduced nationwide by the middle of 2006.

After registering with PostFinance and subscribing the mobile payment services, customers receive a personified and unique Data Matrix code via text message. At the cash desk the client holds his mobile phone over the EXIO code reader. EXIO scans the personified code from the user’s mobile phone and communicates the data and the amount to be paid to the client’s bank. Within a few seconds an SMS is sent back to the mobile phone with the payment code and the amount of money to be paid. To confirm the data received, the client again holds his mobile phone with the payment code over the EXIO reader and enters his PIN-code to complete payment. The PIN is used to identify the customer as a mobile phone owner as well as the account holder.

Gavitec code reader can read barcodes and 2d codes sent as simple picture messages (SMS, EMS or Nokia Pictures) from mobile phone displays. This is the key to trouble-free payment by mobile phones. Furthermore, the amount of money is not settled on the user’s monthly mobile phone invoices because Gavitec technology allows a direct connection between the user’s mobile phone and his account. This technology brings enormous advantages for client and trade as even large amounts can be paid by mobile phone and the billing on the client’s account is carried out promptly and safely.


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