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Prentice Hall's Interactive Marketing Book 2007

Interactive Textbooks - Marketing: real people, real choices
Pearson Prentice Hall

Prentice Hall implemented qode® for their recent 2007 edition launch to create interactive textbooks that allow additional content to be delivered on student and teacher mobile devices. This innovation demonstrates how textbooks do not have to be lackluster and easily outdated, and instead allow users to become involved in the material. The textbooks encourage readers to have an interactive experience with case studies and articles to enhance their understanding. Additionally, the mobile interaction creates an enterprise solution and competitive advantage to the Prentice Hall sales force by introducing the first fully interactive text book to their clients.

  • Create interactive textbooks to provide readers with additional content on mobile devices
  • Provide teachers and students with a rich multimedia experience
  • Leverage a cutting-edge and innovative technology

In order to create the first completely interactive edition, Prentice Hall developed the text book “Marketing: real people, real choices,” which implemented qode’s smartcode technology. This allowed users to download the qode® application on their personal phones to discover additional information, videos from the book’s authors, games, and news. Smartcodes were also linked to case studies from companies including Ron Jon Surf shops. The book developed additional articles and sections presenting qode’s new mobile marketing technique as an official marketing medium. A smartcode on the cover linked to a mobile video, allows the authors to “talk” directly to the professors and students.


There are a total of 12 of qode’s smartcodes integrated into the “Marketing: real people, real choices,” 2007 Marketing textbook. Additionally, Prentice Hall has launched a mobile sales force automation/support tool powered by qode, for this book and 39 additional titles.

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