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Ströer, awk and Clear Channel – Lavasphere Enterprise for Process Optimization

Managing and controlling outdoor advertisement by mobile phone enhances client’s confidence in out-of-home media.
Ströer, awk and Clear Channel

Especially for outdoor media providers, Gavitec AG - mobile digit has designed a completely new system for field-force management, quality control and billing support for outdoor advertisers – using mobile phones instead of dedicated mobile data terminals.

  • Optimize the wireless field force management system
  • Simplify and improve operating procedures
  • Get real-time and updated information to better control and manage the billposter placement
  • Manage, control and document outdoor ads online
  • Make billposting orders more transparent & comprehensible for clients
  • React quicker and more effectively on customer demands
  • Support billing
  • Reduce labour costs and time
  • Increase revenues

Media companies Ströer and awk in Germany as well as Clear Channel in England have taken advantage of a customized Lavaspere Enterprise application to optimize their outdoor advertising campaigns. The billposter receives tour data on his mobile phone and drives afterwards to a specific outdoor advertisement that has two codes: an advertisement-motive code and a 2D (Data Matrix) code. The billposter points the camera of his Lavasphere software-enabled mobile phone at both of the codes and scans them. Photos documenting the quality of work along with other relevant information are automatically submitted to the backend server and to the outdoor media's resource management for further processing providing maintenance data for the media company and posting data for the client.


Currently, the Lavasphere Enterprise custom-made for outdoor media will be used by 1,500 billposters servicing around 165,000 outdoor media throughout all Germany. In leveraging Lavasphere Enterprise, Stroer, awk and ClearChannel have succeeded in increasing transparency for their clients while simultaneously enhancing their customer’s confidence in out-of-home media.

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mobile barcode, field force management, Ströer, awk, Clear Channel, outdoor media