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TecCom – Mobile Barcode Application to trace counterfeit automotive parts

Leveraging mobile phone-based 2D barcode scanning is a new way to efficiently and conveniently trace goods within the logistics chain
TecCom GmbH

TecCom GmbH was looking for a new method for garages and automotive part dealers to fight counterfeiting and quickly authenticate products - no matter where they are and independent of other technical requirements.

  • Automate and simplify automotive part manufacturers’ & traders’ working processes without having to change their structure or make huge investments in new systems
  • Reduce counterfeit products
  • Reduce the dependency on “fixed location” solutions
  • Enable personnel to be mobile and work on the move
  • Collect and retrieve data everywhere and anytime, and process directly the decoded information.
  • Provide flexibility, convenience, portability, and ubiquity by using standard mobile phones to scan codes

TecCom GmbH, the leading B2B platform for the automotive replacement part market, has selected NeoReader Enterprise for its TecIdentify solution to permit leading European automotive parts suppliers such as Robert Bosch, Continental Teves, Federal Mogul, and TRW to scan a barcode and determine the validity of automotive parts simply by using their everyday mobile phone. Manufacturers, customs, traders, garages and drivers simply install the NeoReader application onto their mobile phone over any mobile network and launch it to scan the part’s individual 2D CLEPA security code. CLEPA is the European umbrella membership organisation representing the interests of the global automotive supply industry. Once the 2D CLEPA code is scanned, users are automatically directed to the TecIdentify website, where the code is checked for authenticity against its database. By utilising the mobile device, the NeoReader enables extremely competitive pricing compared to dedicated hardware such as laser or high-end scanner or manual input terminals.


The NeoReader will be used by the leading spare parts manufacturers in the automotive industry with access to the TecCom’s TecIdentify system. The code structure has been recommended by CLEPA for its members, as well as sister organisation MEMA in the US and JAPIA in Japan. The code can be checked 24/7 worldwide by everybody, especially dealers and garages. The service is open to all CLEPA members – but not limited to them, so if a manufacturer belongs to another organization or an OEM company or a different industry – the TecIdentify can be used. Currently all customers (manufacturers) are CLEPA members, representing more than 3,000 companies, and employing more than three million people.

NeoReader Enterprise
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