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tele.ring - connecting with young consumers opting in

Mobile barcodes are becoming a force to be reckoned with in the move towards pull marketing.

Telering wanted to find the most innovative and measurable way for tapping
into the youth market. The main goal was to introduce Mobile Code Reading
at middle and secondary schools covering whole Austria and educate students about code reading as a means to create a new communication channel.

  • Spread code reader adoption
  • Educate students about code reading
  • Arise students’ interest for this new way of mobile content provision and innovative form of marketing interaction & communication
  • Win over new tele.ring customers
  • Enhance tele.ring brand awareness & recognition

The campaign launched in May 2009 in 263 middle and high schools throughout Austria with a series of attention-grabbing posters. QR codes were incorporated into an intriguing creative execution called “the Indian” and the campaign was prominently advertised in schools. Students were encouraged to send a free SMS to download the NeoReader and scan the QR code which appeared on the posters in order to connect directly to the campaign site where they could access free mobile content such as ring tones and wallpapers.


In the first five days of the campaign 250 students downloaded the NeoReader with 225 day-scans and page views, as well as 90 content downloads.

The rapid downloading of the code reader software enabled an impressive click rate of 0.51%, which stands well above the average click rate for ‘traditional’ online advertising last recorded as being 0.19% [source: ADTECH December 2008].

This, in turn, led to a content download conversion rate of 51.3%.

Interestingly, with 75% of all clicks coming from non tele.ring handsets, the campaign proved successful in connecting tele.ring with an audience outside of its established customer base. Research conducted since the completion of the project suggests that brand recognition for the campaign stands at and impressive 80%.

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