How to Create a Mobile Barcode Program

How to Create a Mobile Barcode Program

Mobile barcodes are quickly becoming a key element of any cross-media marketing campaign, bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds.  But, utilizing this technology to achieve outstanding results can be a challenge.  How to Create a Mobile Barcode Program provides useful tips and recommendations as you set about creating your next campaign, including:

- A planning roadmap to guide you through the lifecycle of the campaign
- Practical considerations to ensure your campaign has maximum reach
- Real world campaign examples

Download How to Create a Mobile Barcode Program today to develop your next successful mobile media marketing campaign!

NeoMedia White Paper Series

How to Create a Mobile Barcode Program
is the second in a series of white papers developed by NeoMedia.  The series is created to prepare, educate, inspire, and instruct stakeholders in using mobile barcodes to further enhance their marketing campaigns.  To see all NeoMedia white papers, CLICK HERE.

To download this white paper:

1. Download NeoMedia's free NeoReader application onto your mobile device by CLICKING HERE.  NeoReader is a universal barcode scanning app that allows you to access exclusive content on your phone by scanning codes from print ads, publications, packaging, billboards, retail displays, broadcast media, etc. Learn more.
2. Open NeoReader and scan the mobile barcode at the top of the page to retrieve your PIN.
3. Input the PIN below and click 'Get Document' to download the document in pdf format.

If you would prefer not to scan the code, you can enter WP0211 in the box below to download the white paper directly.