NeoReader Mobile QR Code & Barcode Scanner

Mobile QR & Barcode Scanner

NeoReader | Turn your phone into a mobile barcode scanner


Bridging The Gap - Traditional and Digital Media

Bridge the gap between traditional and digital media with the world’s best mobile barcode application, NeoReader®. Currently installed on 80+ million devices, NeoReader quickly and easily scans both 1D and 2D barcodes, including QR codes, Datamatrix, Aztec, UPC, Code 39 and EAN.


NeoReader Is Easy to Install & Use

NeoReader is easy to download; available on all major app stores, including:

NeoReader enables seamless barcode scanning from beginning to end, getting your message into your consumer’s hands at the right place, right time.  NeoReader works with mobile devices featuring a fixed or auto-focus rear camera with a focal range starting at 12 inches (30 cm).


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Mobile QR & Barcode Scanner
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