QR Creation & Management Services

QR and Barcode Integration

Enabling a powerful new convergence of media & mobile!


Mobile is the ‘hot’ new media and advertisers and agencies are looking for ways to optimize the new media channel and gain access to their target consumer.


QR Creation & Management Services

Mobile barcodes make the static world suddenly interactive.  For advertisers and marketers, enabling mobile barcodes revitalizes existing media channels, adding an element of interactivity, targeting, and measurability of the effectiveness and success of their campaigns.  For consumers, mobile barcodes allow them to quickly access data ‘on the go’ without having to type in long phone numbers or URLs.  Mobile barcodes can be quickly scanned by a mobile phone to provide consumers instant access to a host of information – websites, videos, vCards, social media, phone calls … and the list goes on.   If your campaign does not currently include mobile barcodes, the time to start integrating is now!


NM’s QR creation and management services provide a full-service, easy-to-use platform for advertisers and brands to quickly and seamlessly integrate mobile barcodes into their campaigns, enabling real-time monitoring and management of your campaigns.


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QR and Barcode Integration
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